The drama continues

Remember when I introduced you all to Tim a while back?

He’s the purple haired fella that I play in the upcoming TVB series “Highs and Lows”. After a roughly 3 month shooting schedule, I have finally wrapped up all my filming.

It was definitely a more challenging experience in comparison to “Lives Of Omission” due to more involvement in the storyline and the layers of the character that I play. Nonetheless, it was an amazing learning opportunity as always and a pleasure working with everyone involved!

Kate was a class act as well as the fellas below.

Word on the street is this series is scheduled to air later in the year.. we shall wait and see.

On another note, here’s an update for those of you that have been wondering about my involvement in Triumph In The Skies 2.

Months back, I had the opportunity and honor to be apart of the sales presentation clip that was filmed for the series. At the time, there was no set details on the cast, crew or even when the series would begin filming.

Things have progressed since then and as I’ve been told the series will begin filming later in the summer.

As some of you know, my wife and I are expecting our first child right around the corner. Timing wise, it doesn’t look like I will be able to be a part of the project.

I would have loved to have been involved!

Once again, I thank TVB for the continued support and opportunities!

For those of you who were looking forward to Jin the pilot, it looks like this photo will have to do for now.

  1. Nancy says: May 8, 20126:02 pm

    noooooo!! wud have loved to have seen u as a pilot :’(

    congratz on the baby btw!!!

    u must teach him/her how to rap =D

  2. Leo Witness says: May 8, 20126:19 pm


  3. sindy says: May 8, 20126:29 pm

    Aww :(
    Was hoping to see you in TITS 2, but nevermind! We’ll still see you in the other new drama..hope its exciting and refreshing :)

  4. Edmond says: May 8, 20126:55 pm

    Glad to see you in another drama! Congrats and good luck with the baby! God bless you !

  5. alice says: May 8, 20127:10 pm

    hi i love you!

  6. Amanda Bouvier says: May 8, 201211:52 pm

    U always look like kiddo :) wondering how’s your kid will look like :p may lord bless u and your family…

  7. shuteng says: May 9, 20129:37 am

    Woohooo! You’re always the best! kah yao

  8. bubbachuck says: May 9, 20122:31 pm

    Hey. Jin, my nephew is also gonna come to this world roughly one month later. Sincerely hope both these two little guys and their great mothers who will suffer severe pain be all good! PS: I love ur new song Brand new me as what i have watched through the video clips of your concet in KL.

  9. JC says: May 10, 20124:38 am

    LOL , i love the pilot JIN~
    btw im looking forward to HIGHS AND LOWS come out~

  10. xoxsharon says: May 11, 201212:58 am

    aww.. that would have been a great opportunity, but more will come :)
    best wishes to you and your family for your first child :D

  11. Uncle Franky says: May 25, 20126:10 pm

    Wow, what a sacrifice.
    You’re gonna make a Great Husband and Father!!!

  12. Ryan says: June 2, 20127:07 am

    Loving ur new single. And wishing you the best. I will definitely be praying for you.

  13. chu says: October 8, 201210:59 pm

    on highs and lows right now jin! shits tight man good work! SELL DEM UNDIESSSS

  14. smallyet says: October 13, 20126:14 pm

    u look like a kids ahahahaaa :)

  15. TanWeiPin says: October 21, 20124:52 pm

    Good job bro!! Keep it up!! All the best!!!!

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