That was the best I could do for the blog

I promise you won’t be disappointed by the video though.

Hope this can encourage you on your road to recovery. Get well soon brother!

  1. Lindsay says: April 23, 20126:33 pm

    Great title!

    Thanks for sharing the video!! It was beautifully done and so well thought out. Now…to share this with my friends :)

  2. Wai says: April 24, 20122:43 am

    wow, I’m definitely touched by this video!! such an inspirational story illustrated through art. Love you guys, Jin and Lin!

  3. simply -e- says: April 24, 201211:38 am

    once upon a time @ a pyramid…, before 106 & Park, back in the days when a fat beats still existed…you lived a life and travelled a path which led you to where you are today. i was there. it’s only because i am from it, that it didn’t consume the dude…it’s not an easy road out there guys, who feels it knows…better yet, i’ll let jin tell it…


  4. Warren Chau says: April 29, 20124:14 pm

    Thats a great video Jin, thanks for sharing with us. I am touched by the message of let the basketball court be the place to spread God’s gospel.

    Jin, i’m a Christian from HKCCCC, and we are hoping to organize a Christian in mid 2013. We are hoping that you can be one of our guess in this event. Would you please reply to me via email since I don’t know how to contact you in an official way.

  5. G says: May 15, 20125:06 pm

    Is there any chance of inviting JLin to speak at The Vine when he’s in Asia this summer?:D Heard he’s coming to HK. His testimony will surely touch many!
    And thanks again for your testimony in 1040, was truly inspired! Thank you!

  6. Sanya says: December 10, 20128:28 am

    beautiful video it makes me cry … thank you the artist =D
    yeaaa! hands up for the Christ !!

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