A word to The Wife.. You are amazing.


  1. jay says: June 4, 20124:08 am

    wohoooo congratsssssssssssssssss

  2. Jaclyn says: June 4, 20124:08 am


  3. Raeha Butler says: June 4, 20124:09 am

    Yay!!! God bless y’all!!! So cute :D

  4. ahhmui says: June 4, 20124:09 am

    Happy Birthday Jin!!! (sorry been out of the comments loop – had to deal with some sad things on the home front) but wishing you the very best day ever. Chance is ADORABLE. I love the way that you’ve found the path you’re meant to take with God leading your way. All the best, all the time!

  5. Alice Lee says: June 4, 20124:10 am


  6. James Ro says: June 4, 20124:10 am

    That is truly a blessing. God bless you.

  7. Alex says: June 4, 20124:10 am


  8. Lily says: June 4, 20124:10 am

    Chance is SOOO adorable!! Happy Birthday Jin! Wish you AND Chance all the best!! =DD So happy for you!!

  9. Jaclyn says: June 4, 20124:10 am

    Ho leng jai! He got big eyes :D

  10. Cameron says: June 4, 20124:11 am

    so happy for you!! hope your lovely wife will get better soon!!

  11. Cin says: June 4, 20124:12 am

    congrat JIN and the wife !!! . it is really amazing that the baby birth on JIN’s birthday also. GBY !!!

  12. AYtinaaachris says: June 4, 20124:12 am

    beautiful and healthy baby boy =D

    (i was born on my mom’s 27th birthday)
    so this is just the beginning of many future special birthdays for your family =]

  13. Sharon says: June 4, 20124:14 am

    AHHH! :D
    we're a proud #nofanzone #aiyafambam !

  14. Chrizteen says: June 4, 20124:15 am

    Congrats! Happy Birthday to you both! Hope your wife recovers well!!

  15. Evelyn says: June 4, 20124:15 am

    Congrats!!!! So cute=]

  16. Wacky Cashew says: June 4, 20124:17 am

    Congrats to you and your wifey, Jin!! ^^ Really full of joy to see Chance enter the world and a happy birthday to you! May God continue to shower multitudes of blessings upon you and your family!! You guys will make amazing parents! Hope your wifey is doing well and go celebrate your bundle of joy!! Much love to you guys!!! =D

  17. Cyn City says: June 4, 20124:17 am

    Awwww beautiful. Best bday ever indeed. Many blessings Jin.

  18. ANGZZ says: June 4, 20124:22 am


  19. cynthia says: June 4, 20124:22 am

    jin you are amazing. i am happy for you! god is soooo good!!

  20. Cat Wong says: June 4, 20124:23 am

    congrats && happy bday! (:

  21. Joanna says: June 4, 20124:26 am

    God has blessed you and your Wife!

  22. ms_mui says: June 4, 20124:26 am

    Congrats to the Au-Yeung’s ! Happy Birthday!!

  23. DjV says: June 4, 20124:26 am

    Happy Birthday and God Bless your family Jin!!!!

  24. Tomato says: June 4, 20124:29 am

    Congratulation… Chubby…

  25. Amy says: June 4, 20124:35 am

    Congratulations Mr. Auyeung!!!!!
    Chance is an awesome name!
    God bless you and your family<33

  26. Joyce says: June 4, 20124:39 am

    BIG CONGRATS to you Jin & your lovely baby son Chance!
    I’m right! your son born on the same day as you!! woohoo!
    Happy Birthday Jin & Chance!!! <3

  27. Patty Keung says: June 4, 20124:41 am

    This is soooooooo cool! Praise the Lord! Soooooooo happy and proud of you Jin!!!!!

  28. Agnes Yeung says: June 4, 20124:42 am

    Congrats! May our Lord give blessing for your family!

  29. Patty Keung says: June 4, 20124:43 am

    A big “Well done” to your lovely wife and “Congratulations” to your whole family!! Woohoo!!!!

  30. Masinio says: June 4, 20124:44 am

    Blessed Bro jin

  31. Helen says: June 4, 20124:46 am

    His name is so meaningful :D
    Happy birthday Jin!!! Wish you, your wife and Chance all the best!!!

  32. tee_sui says: June 4, 20124:54 am

    Congrats Jin! Such a photogenic baby!

  33. Uncle Franky says: June 4, 20125:07 am

    Wow, you beat me to it… you’re a Daddy!!!
    Congratulations to the both of you, and Happy Birthday too.
    I’m sure you’ll be extra busy now, but when you have time, let me treat you to a Birthday dinner or something.

  34. [...] Source [...]

  35. JC says: June 4, 20125:22 am

    omg, he is so adorable!!!
    real birth-day of CHANCE and so do u~
    happy 30s and, welcome to this wonder world, CHANCE

  36. Fay says: June 4, 20125:36 am

    BIG CONGRATULATIONS!!! Best gift ever…hands down!

  37. Susan from Cali says: June 4, 20125:38 am

    June 4th?! 香港的自由?! This truly IS a special day! :)

  38. JMDlux says: June 4, 20125:42 am

    Congrats Jin, you’re going to make a great father and mentor to baby Chance.

  39. Lindsay says: June 4, 20126:20 am

    Congratulations to you and the Mrs!! We’re all really happy for you and your little one. Great name, too! :)

  40. Bonnie M. says: June 4, 20128:44 am

    AWWWWW!! Ohh my goodness!! CONGRATS to you & your wife Jin!! He’s sooo beautiful!! I’m extremely happy for you both!! Parenthood is definitely crazy lol but it’s truly a blessing at the same time ^_^ I just had a baby myself very recently on May 10th! She’s 25 days old today :D I wish you all the best! <3

  41. Rebecca Lo says: June 4, 201210:41 am

    Happy Birthday Chance & MC Jin!!!:D

  42. Jk says: June 4, 201211:20 am

    so cute….hi chance….Jin…so happy lo…

  43. Fanny Fung says: June 4, 201211:38 am

    The baby is soooooo adorable!!
    God bless you and your family!! =)

  44. Fanny Fung says: June 4, 201211:42 am

    Almost forgot to give a big welcome to CHANCE!
    Welcome CHANCE to this lovely world!!
    Wish CHANCE will be happy ever after!! =)

  45. ZHEN LOHAS says: June 4, 201211:43 am


  46. Marie says: June 4, 20121:14 pm

    CONGRATS JIN!!!!!! God Bless!!!! :)

  47. Win says: June 4, 20123:34 pm

    Happy Birthday Jin! kinda late but… glad your wife and your baby Chance made your day special! 30 from 20 such a fast pace. 30 to 40 hope it’ll be even better!

  48. Renee says: June 4, 20124:18 pm

    Congratulations! He is super cute! Chance is a great name – also happy Birthday!!! – when was he born?? God Bless!!

  49. Valerie says: June 4, 201210:24 pm

    Congrats!!! Your life is now forever changed by this little miracle :) Hope all is well with you and the wifey

  50. vickie says: June 5, 20125:16 am


  51. [...] other day, international star, Jin, shared the news with the world of the birth of his firstborn son, Chance. There isn’t much to say except [...]

  52. Yoko says: June 5, 201211:37 am

    Congratulations and happy birthday!!!!
    Best wishes!!!!

  53. XXX says: June 5, 20121:58 pm

    your kid is super duper adorable,,, hopefully ur wife can help you to set up a basketball team. x

  54. Brian says: June 6, 201212:16 pm

    happy birthday jin

  55. Ryan Park says: June 7, 20122:07 am

    Woah, what are the chances (of having your baby born on your birthday)! Congrats on having a safe delivery!! God bless!

  56. Dj cool waters says: June 10, 20122:37 pm

    Congrats, being a father is the greatest thing ever.

  57. Paul says: June 11, 201212:23 am

    Congratulations Jin!! Happy Father’s Day! It was refreshing to see u back on 106 and Park this past week. Awesome freestyle, man.

  58. Teddy Smith says: June 14, 201211:53 pm

    congrats bro this is def. what it is building up the fam

  59. Fiona says: June 21, 20121:02 am

    You will make an excellent father! :D Wish the best for your family of three and I hope you
    will update more on your child and wife. You are my idol because you defeat the odds and your whole journey through the entertainment industry is amazing, and also because you never gave up.
    Not always did chances come flying by to you but you always had another path to get yourself in the right direction, so I absolutely agreed with your choice of your son’s name to be Chance. He’s a new hope in life, another path, that will take you to new a place in life, a new you. Hah I don’t know why I couldn’t just write a “Good Luck”, anyway Adios.

  60. Sarah says: August 2, 20124:00 pm

    First off, congrats to you in becoming a Daddy! You’re finally a dad and you finally have a family! I wish you and your family lots of happiness in the future :)

  61. Connie says: November 4, 20121:37 am

    OMG he is soo cute! <3 congrats Jin! :D

  62. Stephanie says: December 4, 20127:46 am

    Congrats Jin, the baby is so cute, just like you, best of luck with everything! So funny because I never realized till watching Highs and Lows that you act for TVB, you are so fluent in both Cantonese and English, amazing!

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